Android 4 ... touches .... or mousePressed etc

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A few questions ... as a result of having used Ketai up to now for gestures, but finding that either it or AndroidMode 4 (or both) are incompatible I am now in need of some new solution, I think?

I see that there are some new functions for touches in the Anrdoid Mode 4 reference. Touches Array is a great addition!

Basic questions ... for Android Mode ...

Does touchStarted() now replace mousePressed() ? Does touchMoved() now replace mouseMoved() ? Does touchEnded() now replace mouseReleased() ?

... when using AndroidMode 4? Can they be used alongside one another ... or best not to?

This is all great, but is there anything available or planned as equivalents to Ketai callbacks for onTap(), onFlick() and onPinch(), all of which are pretty basic needs for an android app? No worries if not... I will see if I can write my own... but ... if ... ??

Can't say how much I still appreciate all the work that is put into this project by so many people!


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