Is Processing 3 faster on Windows10? than Windows 8?

I have an application that used to work fine on older processing but is now sluggish on processing 3 The changes I made include: 1: Updating my Windows8.1 to the latest update 2: Updating processing to processing 3.3.6 3: Updating my sketch and libraries to work with processing3 The updated libraries I use are G4P, and minim and I also Use the new G4P gui builder

My PC is: HP Pavillion 23 All-in-one AMD E2-1800 with Radeon HD Graphics 1.70Ghz 6GB RAM 64 bit Windows 8.1

I know it is a slow pc but my sketch is pretty much a fancy gui and a typing window with some sound effects and it also accesses a dos based text to speech program every now and then.. Again, no issues before I updated processing and the G4P library and builder tool.. Im trying to see what the cheapest pc I can use is since I will need to buy several identical pc ad Im trying to keep costs down This PC used to work just fine and my faster windows 10 pc has no problems running this sketch

Is there a chance that if I upgrade to windows 10 I can keep the pc from studdering? Is processing 3 more CPU intensive? Do I just need a faster pc


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