Kinect + shader. how to mask

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So, i´ve been tryng to find/understand/develop a way to mask the kinect figure with a shader, i mean putting a shader over the kinect figure with no succes.

Anyone has an example or a tutorial that I should look to accoplish this?


  • I think the best thing is to create a texture shader, which uses the kinect image as input. The only performance leak you will have is during the copy process of the kinect image to the GPU. But maybe it will not bother you that much.

    Use the information / or directly the image of the kinect skeleton and print only these information onto the texture. Then use this information within your shader. I've uploaded you a sketch which uses the webcam image (not kinect) and manipulates it with a bright-pass filter. If you know draw the skeletons onto the black canvas, instead of the whole webcam image, then you have your information directly in your shader and are able to play around with it :)

    Btw.: it runs with 60fps on my macbook :)

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