Live Slitscaning with Webcam

Hi guys, I'm trying to do an interactive project involving a live Slitscanning using my Mac camera but I would like to stop the process and save/export the visual after each 15-20 seconds.

Do you have any recommendations of how to do that?

this is the code I'm using at the moment

import*; Capture myCap; int X=0; void setup() { myCap = new Capture(this, 320, 240); myCap.start();
size(600, 240); } void draw() { if (myCap.available()) {; myCap.loadPixels(); copy(myCap, (myCap.width/2), 0, 1, myCap.height, (X++%width), 0, 1, height); } }

Thanks a lot


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