WiFi Wireless IMU with ESP8266 and p5.js

edited September 2017 in Share Your Work

I developed a project for an ESP8266 board + BNO055 IMU board that sends Euler angles to a p5.js sketch showing a 3D airplane. The ESP8266 and IMU run on battery so the sensor package is enclosed inside a foam model airplane (no wires). The ESP8266 hosts a web server so node.js/socket.io are not used. Any web browser with HTML5 web sockets and WebGL can connect to the ESP8266 web server and see the 3D virtual airplane orientation match the orientation of the foam airplane.

This can be generalized to any sensor supported by the ESP8266. The ESP8266 uses HTML5 web sockets to stream sensor data to the p5.js sketch. More details are in my blog post. Source code is on github.com.

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