How to display accents ?

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Hi ! I have created a small soft to chat on a local network and every time someone type an accented letter, it doesn't display and I have this error :


As my soft is for french users, we do need those letters : é è ç à But I cannot find a way to display them. My text messages are created with Controlp5, do I need to change a parameter on the character encoding ?

If you have the solution, please help me !

Have a good day,


  • By the way, here is the code to retrieve and save a message :

        void oscEvent(OscMessage theOscMessage) {
         message_received = theOscMessage.addrPattern();
         command = message_received.charAt(0);
           if(etalon != command){
             received = true;
         } else {
  • You need a font that supports those letters.
    Go and read about PFont (search the Processing website), make a font and check that you've selected all the different character sets you want when you make it. Then load it, use it and done.

  • I did try to write with it on word, and it works ! So the font include those letters for sure

  • It will help to see how you define your font in Processing. I would recommend you provide an MCVE:


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