PixelFlow: Optical Flow, getting access to directional vector values in the source video

I've been exploring the PixelFlow library a bit and am at a bit of a loss with how to get access to the internal values within the library.

For example, in the OpticalFlow Basic example and the OpticalFlow Capture demo I'm trying to figure out how to access the values that determine the direction of the vector lines that are rendered by comparing the current frame with the previous frame.

What I am seeking help with is if it is possible to access these vector values and if so, how would I go about accessing this? My assumption is that somewhere within the Optical Flow object that is created to compute and generate the optical flow vectors has a vector or velocity value associated with each pixel or grid for certain regions of the source image. If this is the case, I assume there's a way to loop through each pixel or region similar to looping through the image data from an input video to get RGB values but I'd be getting the vector values.

Can anyone confirm that this is correct? If not, what would you suggest? And if it is correct, what is the sintax, or object that I'd need to loop through to access these values?


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