Millisecond timing of an event?

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Hi all, I'm very new to processing and having some troubles with timing events, specifically with recording and counting the amount of time needed. I've searched a lot on the forums and don't seem to find an answer that is 100% fitting my scenario.

Let's say I have an object appearing on screen, it'll appear for a certain amount of time and then disappear. I am wanting to save/record (perhaps print it to console after) the amount of time (in milliseconds) it takes from the moment the thing appears, to the moment the mouse is clicked. I am just confused on using millis() on getting a value and having a timer reset each time since any attempt, or if I should even be using millis().

I don't have a problem with the making objects spawn after time situation, but I'm having trouble of getting the milliseconds time from the moment they appear to the point when a mouse click happens (before they disappear). I got the spawning to occur without using millis(), but don't know if I should use millis() for this next task. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.



  • Try this next. A keyboard event will activate the timer. A mouse event will stop the timer and display the time difference. Notice a mouse event can take effect only after a keyboard event. Any keyboard event will reset the initial time.

    You can also check the timing utilities in the library manager as it provides example of how to use a timer.


    boolean active=false;
    int ctime;
    int stopTime;
    void setup() {
      size(400, 600);
      textAlign(CENTER, CENTER);
    void draw() {
      if (active==true) {
        text("Time passing: " + (millis()-ctime) +" msecs", width/2, height/2);
      } else {
        text("Time passing: " + (stopTime-ctime) +" msecs", width/2, height/2);
      text("INSTRUCTIONS: key to start, mouse to stop",width/2,height*0.75);
    void keyPressed() {
    void mouseReleased() {
      if (active==true) {
  • For some background on related problems in precise timing, see;

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