ControlP5: How to make labels mixed case?

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I am curious about how to make ControlP5 labels mixed case, e.g. "Running" or "Paused" instead of all-caps RUNNING or PAUSED.

After searching through the forum and bouncing around CP5's Javadocs, I still can't find a control modifier that does the job. I have tried .setLabel("Running") but the display produces RUNNING.

Thanks for any tip...


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    I have seen other ppl talking about this setting. unfortunately I haven't seen an answer to this question. You should approach the owner of the code and make a request to change the uppercase's default setting. Check:

    I was checking his repo and there is a ticket about that:

    You can always add to that ticket to put more weight to this request. Hopefully he can introduce changes in a future update/release.


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