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I have a 5 megapixel camera that uses USB3 vision protocol. It is recognized and shows up in Device Manager It is also detected by several image viewing softwares , like Debut, CommandCam, STK1160 grabber viewer, actually every usb camera software for Win 8.1 But Processing Camera list says no camera detected! I understand UVC is typical , but the fact that all these other low lever USB camera input softwares detect and display the video from this camera and Processing doesn't even know it exists is surprising to me!

Am i missing something? Downloaded the latest video library and it works with my built in webcam and a logitech external webcam, but not the 5mp usb3.0 camera.

Any ideas?

Thanks Jeff Marc


  • I'm guessing that if we didn't know on the 5th of July or on the 26th of July then we won't know today. It is very hard to talk about hardware that we don't have.

    Please don't post duplicates.

  • Try raising a bug on github where the library writer might see it. Try and include as much detail about the camera as possible including the usb identifier it uses (every manufacturer / device is assigned a unique id that gets sent during usb registration)

  • I did post in GitHub , jeffmarc10 there. hers is copy:#73 under Processing/processing-video

    What protocol or interface does Processing Video library recognize cameras in ? WIA, TWAIN, etc? I plug in my 5MP usb 3.0 camera and it is in device manager as a image device but does not appear in my camera list! So i cannot select and access it with Processing. Any help please.

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