using other API's with Processing

In my research to solve my usb 3.0 camera challenges i have found camera manufactures that supply a SDK with their API to call from other programs. They have versions for Windows but they don't say for java Can i import an api into processing to call directly?

If not I will need to write a utility in some version of C that I can call with switches from an open() command.

Never used windows C compiler

Anyway, if anybody can educate me i'd appreciate it.

An i may want to hire your services to write the utility.

Thanks Jeff Marc


  • Answer ✓
    • Languages such as Java, Python, etc., can't directly access the hardware.
    • Java libraries for peripherals such as camera, sound, etc., are actually wrappers for programs written in another language, generally in C/C++.
    • If you can't find a wrapper for Java, you're gonna need to write 1 yourself. :-SS
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