How can I start contributing to Processing?

I'm a computer engineering undergraduate and I'm really interested in contributing to Processing. I have done some decent work with Java, therefore I'm familiar with Java development. However, I'm quite new to open source development.

As it's already discussed in some posts on this forum, it looks like it's good for somebody new to start with a bug fixing. I checked some issues listed on GitHub and could reproduce one bug on Windows( Since I'm really new to Processing development(and open source development), could somebody kindly tell me how to start working on this bug(or anything else that helps me to start contributing). Any help on understanding the code base would be really helpful for me to start contributing.




  • Examine the stack trace, see which bit of the code it points to...

  • In general, you could pick an issue and try to file a PR to solve it.

    BTW, Processing has many different modes. I am developing R mode for Processing, if you are interested, checkout

  • Thanks a lot koogs and gaocegege for replying me super fast. I'm sorry I couldn't reply to you quickly since I was a bit busy with my studies. By the way, I'm not familiar with R so it will take some time to learn R and involve with development of R mode for Processing :) (R mode looks really interesting).

    When it comes to debugging the issue mentioned above, the problem here is that I cannot do anything when the program gets stuck. Is there a way to run the Processing app in debug mode or something like that in order to track the bug. I guess what koogs means by examining the stack trace is something similar to this. Any further help on this is highly appreciated. Thanks!

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