Casting to GoogleCast/Miracast/DLNA


has anybody casted video from Processing to Miracast, Chromecast, or DLNA? Any hints on what to look for? Or any other idea how to stream from Processing to a screen via Wi-Fi with near-zero latency?



  • If you are trying to do a live (?) screen cast using miracast, just do it -- maximize the Processing application to full screen and share with the remote display using the Windows 8+ (?) built-in miracast.

    Chromecast won't work for what you are (probably?) trying to do if you are screen sharing a live interactive sketch. To understand why, read an overview of different screen sharing and casting methods, like this:

  • Thank you Jeremy, this seems like a straightforward solution, but not exactly what I want.

    In order to do what you say, and still be able to use the computer I'm casting from (to generate the content for example), I'll need to connect an external display in order just to be able to cast it. But I want to do this without requiring a physical display output (HDMI, VGA, DVI, whatever). More specifically what I want to do is capture a virtual output from a VJ software with Processing (there's no problem there, it's called Syhpon on macOS and Spout on Windows, both supported by most VJ software as well as Processing), take the video frames, encode them and send the result to the physical device (a Miracast-capable TV or projector). This way I can use as many outputs from my VJ software as many projectors I have, not limited by the number of physical display outputs on my laptop.

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