A library to do calculations on the GPU

Hello guys.

I am a graduate student of informatics in Universidad Icesi, Cali, Colombia. I am really interested in this project: "A library to do calculations on the GPU using the OpenCL API. This library could work in coordination with the OpenGL renders to allow handling large particles systems, very complex dynamic meshes, etc." as my master´s grade project. I would like to know what is the currently state of the project and I would like to know if you have documentation about the workflow of a processing application under the hood. I mean, maybe a kind of guide which explains how and when is executed rendering process in a cycle of a processing application or things like that. A manual more technical than standard manuals for learning processing.

My PhD professor Juan Salamanca and I have been working in a processing project for graph visualization and our idea is to scale the amount of data to be visualized. Our dream is working on a High Performance Processing and we want to contribute to it.

We thank you for your beautiful software and We really appreciate any help you can provide.




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