VR menu Options not available

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My process of Installation.

Download Processing 3.3.4-Windows64

Extract to a folder within User Directory

I did not AutoDownload the SDK, I had an SDK forder and specified directory.

SDK is outside of User Directory but still within access.

Added Android Mode 3.0.2

Update/Install Several packages in Android SDK package manager

Tested that an app can be made in processing and tested on phone using Getting Started.


Downloaded AndroidMode4.0 beta3


Moved AndroidMode to modes of the processing directory after extracting Android-262.

Before Copy, only Java folder was available in the Modes directory.

Closed Processing, and opened again.

In android mode, on the Androids tab, everything that should be there, except for the app, wallpaper, watch face and Cardboard/VR.

I do not know what I am missing to get the VR option available in the menu. Any help is appreciated.



  • Before Copy, only Java folder was available in the Modes directory.

    Just to clarify, there was not androidMode there before as you mentioned before that you run an example using Android Mode 3.0.2 I am guessing you erased the previous folder of AM v3.0.2?

    I believe the latest Android mode is 4.0 beta 7: https://forum.processing.org/two/discussion/21941/new-beta-of-the-android-mode#latest

    Thxs for the detailed explanation of your initial process. Try mode 4.0b7 and see if you can get the VR/WallPaper/App/Watch options under the proper menu.


  • do you figure it out already? im with the same problem

  • Hello! Just in case anybody still needs help with this, you might just need to update de Android mode in processing. To do so simply go to the mode tab in the Processing IDE, click on add mode and then select the Android Mode and update it. Didn't think this was the issue because I had just downloaded it but once I updated it, the menu options showed up.

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