integrate Processing with Protege4

Hi ! I'm really stuck on the problem for several days. I wanted to develop a plugin for visualization of ontologies so i decided to embed / integrate Processing in Protege4 as a view component. I've searched a lot and also tried Processing 3 and Processing 2 but neither worked for me. The error when working with Processing 2: RuntimeException: You need to use "Import Library" to add processing.core.PGraphicsJava2D to your sketch. processing.core.PApplet.makeGraphics( processing.core.PApplet.init( processing.core.PApplet.runSketch(

When I work with Processing3+ I tried to do it with the solution here: but got an error in eclipse: "ProcessingTest.initSurface() is not visible". Then I added the initSurface() in the ProcessingTest but still wrong: processing.awt.PGraphicsJava2D renderer is not in the classpath (But I'm really sure that I have added it to the build path)

So my question: is it possible to integrate Protege with Processing? Really need help! Thanks in advance!

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