Rigid Body Simulation

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Some Rigid Body Experiments from the weekend in Processing 3 and some libraries



  • another example, ... a Menger Sponge as arrangement of rigid bodies.

  • T_DT_D
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    Experimenting with breaking scene-geometry dynamically into smaller parts.

    Demo, runnable Jar, any OS: Skylight_BulletPhysics_Breakable.zip

  • @T_D -- amazing demos, and a lot of fun to play with.

    It took me a moment to figure out what the Skylight demo was and how to use it -- I initially thought that the sketch wasn't loading correctly and couldn't figure out what I was looking at -- but the dynamic shattering after dropping or shooting is very impressive.

  • thx!

    yes, I forgot to include a readme in the zip package.

    the console comand for running the demo is:

    java -jar Skylight_BulletPhysics_Breakable.jar

    ... or double-click Skylight_BulletPhysics_Breakable.jar

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