how i can translate from arduino library to processing

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i have a library, 2 file xxx.h and xxx.cpp... how i can use this in processing???

Did anyone ever do it?



  • Because Processing is based on the Java programming language and Ardunio on c++, you can not directly use libraries from Arduino in Processing. But what is the library you want to use, maybe somebody knows an existing alternative in Processing?

  • Do you want to use these files in your arduino project? You should use the Arduino interface.

    If your files interact directly with your arduino, then you will have to use Visual Studio for example. Or rewrite those file into java.


  • Related to this:

    It's not a good idea to have two questions open about the same thing - it splits the replies and causes confusion.

    It would be better to say exactly which files you want translating because this is hard to answer in the abstract. Given the specialist nature of the hardware and the library I think you will be unlucky. Does the hardware have a related forum?

  • @denysmomo -- The alternative is, of you are trying to program visualizations and need to use C++ resources you could use OpenFrameworks instead of Processing.

    If you are just trying to program a visualization / interface and already familiar with C++, then instead of Processing you could use OpenFrameworks:

    However if you are unfamiliar with C++ then it may be quite difficult as a starter project.

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