HYPE_Processing : Particles Accelerating Even after Reaching Destination

Problem: I have the following code to render a text of Bubbles on to the screen. The bubbles should move from a random location on the screen to their respective positions. I am using the HYPE Framework.

Here is the Code

import hype.*;
import hype.extended.layout.*;
import hype.extended.colorist.*;
import hype.extended.behavior.*;

HDrawablePool pool;
PVector[] finalLoc;

PFont fnt;
HText txt;
HDrawable[] drawablePool = new HDrawable[800];
HVelocity vel[] = new HVelocity[800];

HTimer timer;
void setup() {
  size(800, 600);

  fnt = createFont("Roboto",64);
  txt = new HText("ISQUIP", 200, fnt);
  HShapeLayout lay = new HShapeLayout().target(txt);

  finalLoc = new PVector[800];
  for(int i=0; i < 800; ++i){
    finalLoc[i] = lay.getNextPoint();

  pool = new HDrawablePool(800);
      new HEllipse()
    .layout(new HShapeLayout().target(new HRect().size(width, height)))
    .colorist(new HColorPool(#e74c3c, #f1c40f, #2980b9, #27ae60, #16a085, #8e44ad).fillOnly())
      new HCallback() {
        public void run(Object obj) {
          HEllipse e = (HEllipse) obj;

  for(int i=0; i < 800; ++i){
    vel[i] = new HVelocity();
    drawablePool[i] = pool.request();
    vel[i].target(drawablePool[i]).launchTo(finalLoc[i].x, finalLoc[i].y,60);

void draw() {

The problem is that the particles are not slowing down after reaching their positions, and they accelerate out of the screen.

How do I fix this?

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