Extract Text from Webcam feed or image

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Hi Processing-Community,.

I am trying to extract text from a real-time webcam feed... I cam across a tutorial with Tesseract here but can't get the code to work. Always get errors about the bridgehandles in Tess4J.

I thought before I go forward with it maybe one of you have a better solution than Tesseract or an example that actually works. I am a processing beginner. Would really appreciate any help and suggestions.

Thanks a lot!



  • Nobody? :(

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    errors about the bridgehandles in Tess4J

    ...well, this isn't a Tesseract forum, so even if you had given your actual exact error message (which you should), if there aren't other users here then it sounds like you should seek help with your error either from a Tesseract/Tess4J forum or from Bryan Chung, who wrote that tutorial.

    Just a warning, OCR via webcam can be rough, even once you get the library working -- you need a high resolution cam to deal with anything like page text, and you usually also need a completely stable subject, good lighting, reasonably fixed focus/focal length not get junk performance. Low or uneven lighting in particular can be a killer unless you have very good image pre-processing -- the result of problems is getting back text gumbo.

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