Detecting joystick disconnect with Game Control Plus?

So I have been working on a user interface for a robotics project of mine, using Game Control Plus for the USB controller input processing, that is sent out to my Arduino via an Xbee.

For obvious safety reasons I was testing what happens if say my dead man switch is pressed then Disconnect the my controller, I have notice it keeps the value of the press thus this could lead to a run away situation. I would like to know if there is away to detect in this library a controller disconnect, and if so how to implement it.

I mean I could simply check for a change in input over time if none then consider it a disconnect but this would not be the most elegant of solutions. As I use a wireless 360 Controller this would be a nice feature to have.


  • Sorry I missed this discussion earlier but I got your message so here I am now.

    Interesting problem. The library makes a list of all devices it can find when you create the ControlIO object and then assumes that these devices will remain connected for entire time the sketch is running.

    So unfortunately you will have to use a work-arround.

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