Shadron Support Lib or Convert ?

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Hello everyone!

I have a suggestion / problem to share with you. I use from time to time a software that name Shadron. And I once wanted to load a GLSL shader file with this extension. Of course, it does not work! Can someone create a library to allow the use of this extension? Being relatively beginner and not having the nessaisary knowledge to create it I allow myself to make this requirement. Or is there a posilibilty fairly simple way to convert it. Knowing that it looks and is based on GLSL! I did not contact the developer. But I will inform him of my message here. Just after ! Maybe he can bring a solution?



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    Shaders are simple text (String, Stringarrays) files for human readability and facilitating collaborative projectcs we say .frag .fs .glsl.

    Shadron is not OpenSource (i think) so a build opon would be a copyright infringement. (I have to write this guy a mail, tell him about him about my great idea, and he would write me back, how much it cost)

    "But I will inform him of my message here." Yes, it it a wrapper he wrote (for overall program workflow / optimization). So far i can tell from his channel.

    He probable can write a phraser to std. simple fragmentshader code.

    What you can do if he decline your request is to learn shaders. Spend at least 1 month experimenting with shader, reading some tutorials and you will convert a shadron shader under 2 mins. :)

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