Processing as a entry-level coding trainer

Look at this posting:

I believe Processing would be a good entry level program for one wanting to learn to code. It is free, very capable, and doesn't require any special hardware (as Arduino does). I should think creating some site (Like the awesome that would appeal to non-techies who want to get a taste of coding and get in on a good foot. Processing is an awesome package and just needs a little promotion outside the tech/art world.



  • I myself did find Processing when I was trying to learn coding (I learnt it as hobby), and it was really easy to learn from just the tutorials on the website. However, if you want more than that, there's a catch. Processing relies entirely on donations and volunteers for development and deployment both, and cannot afford to either hire developers to create better websites, nor teachers to write better tutorials (not really required, the existing ones are good enough), and probably not even host another website for the sake of what you're saying.

    So unless you're willing to invest both time and money, I very much doubt that anything will be possible. For example, even if you build some sort of tutorial website, how will you promote it? Through the forum? Not likely, there's very few people who'll notice. The Processing website? I doubt they'd allow it, and even if they did, it may not help. Through advertisements? We'd need a lot of money.

  • In any case, anyone trying to learn programming will likely find Processing eventually.

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