[New to processing] How do I get started creating a weather app

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Hi, I want to create a weather app for android, but I can't find any guidelines on how to actually get weather data. Haven't started yet and don't know how to. Any help is appreciated!



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    there is a tutorial on data


    yahooweather: link is broken, it's still inside processing libs though but example doesn't work : Bad.


    For example, YahooWeather is a library by Marcel Schwittlick that grabs weather data from Yahoo for you, allowing you to write code like weather.getWindSpeed() or weather.getSunrise() and more.

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    Google shiffman's youtube channel and work in the introduction to JSON objects. There are like 9 video series. I don't think he works in weather data, but those concepts will come very handy.


  • Thanks for the answers, that's fantastic. Any other suggestions are welcome too!

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