Error: 2091 (Clipper / dbf)

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I'm trying to open .dbf extension file but I'm getting the error message in Clipper"The table will need to be repaired before using again. Error: 2091." I have tried opening in FoxPro, but the program will not let me. Does anyone know how to fix .dbf file?



  • That might be the wrong forum

    Ask in a place of the program that created the file

    Make a copy and store it somewhere

  • This is definitely the wrong place to get answers about Clipper, find a forum for Clipper users.

    What I can say is that if the table needs to be repaired, then it is not surprising FoxPro or any other DBMS will not open it.

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    This forum is for Processing. So this clearly isn't the place to ask questions about something else.

  • It is very hard to repair a file.

    When you made a copy, try looking at it with a editor like notepad or wordpad or sublime

  • The data in a dbf file will be highly structured and will contain binary data. A text editor will not help and although you could use a hex editor it would be totally impracticable to repair the file manually. You wouldn't even know what bytes to change.

    The file is corrupted so unless you can find some option in Clipper (or a specialist application) to fix it, then I hope you have a backup.

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