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Dear Friends,

For an installation I am working, it would make very interactive if I would need several wireless camera from phones. BY using i am able to see the phone capture on my laptop but in processing, I dont see as one of my capture deices.

How to overcome the limitation Or any other alternatives You recommend ?

Thanks a lot in advance

Cheers Raj


  • @raj===

    perhaps i dont understand your question:

    as i am on osx (laptop) i cannot test your link but i see that i have done a lot of times the same thing and that it runs with p5 app camera capture (i can see my phone capture on the laptop), which is very normal as it s only a socket wifi connection with client/server; this kind of connection is absolutely independant from P5.

  • Thanks for your reply @akenaton. I am using Windows 10, 64 bit GTX 1060.

    I am trying to make an installation where multiple people can connect with my art to create a colaborative art. (details I have nto fgured out yet) just exploring feasibility. It would be a stand-alone .pde and not web-based P5. If i understand you correctly. But this sounds another way to go about but I have not really explored p5 module of processing. Still early stages of processinf learning. While going through processing forum, it seems Ketai library has the required functionality in Adnroid mode to use camera of phone as a input for processing. I am now trying to make it work. facing challenges making the examples work. I will spend next days figuring. I will post on forum to see if it is what I want.

    Thank you again for your reply mate.

    Regards from Cambodia Raj

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    sorry, i am always in doubt!

    • the link you put is to get on laptop a clone of your phone with smartConnect && wifi

    • but you seem to want only some capture from the phone cam (without the phone itself)

    • In this case you have to use either Ketai (for live capturing) if it works; as for me i had too many problems with this lib && especially for video and i use the standard android way with Camera API

    • then you load pixels && create connection (wifi, better than bluetooth) with your laptop and send to it (frame by frame) the pixels you get.

  • @akenaton - am sorry for lack of clarity from my side.

    Thanks for your suggestion. YouExact on the point that I like to do. a. Create connection between phone and computer over Wifi. b. Capture image from phone and load pixels on computer (basically use a wireless webcam) I am sure this has been tried several times before.

    Ketai, its difficult to debug as it has lot more than i need at this point, so I will take your advice to go Android way - with Camera API.

  • Ketai also offers an example of how to establish a wifi connection. However I am not sure if you are able to stream data at a high rate. I have only use it for small packets.

    There is another library that you can try: I believe is called AndroidCapture through the Processing IDE' library manager. That library has an option to transfer images.


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