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I've built an android game application with processing, and now i want to publish it in the google play store, but when i click on "export signed application package" , after that i insert the keystore, processing never end to export the signed package. What can i do to fix the problem?


  • I have the same issue .. for about 2 years now! I can create apk's for small apps but for anything large ... loads of classes and use of tabs ... the process gets right through to the final stage and then sits there forever. My solution is to export the project and import to AIDE where it will publish successfully.

  • @hudson_m4000

    When you say to import it to AIDE, is that to Eclipse?

    I have seen previous posts where people have exported apps directly from processing. It is good to have an insight of what to do in larger projects.


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    @kfrajer AIDE is an android app .. Android IDE.

    The great thing is it directly loads the exported file and has everything 'android' already set up, so no sdk or dependancy issues.. just load the src file from the export and select publish.

  • Neat! Thanks for your message. I am looking at it now: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aide.ui&hl=en


  • @hudson_m4000 how can i set AIDE to make it compatible with processing scketchs?

  • @sarrio if you export from processing, you get a folder called 'android' in your sketch folder. This is a java version of your sketch all ready to use. Copy that folder to your phone or tablet and just open the project in AIDE.

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