which hardware sensor or device can be used in processing ?

hello! i want to know that **which hardware sensor or device are used or supported in processing? ** can anyone send me any wiki page or any information about devices.

as far as i researched that kinect, leap motion and makey makey can be used with processing. but is there any other devices which can be used with processing?

Thank you.



  • I don't think there is a wiki site capturing all hardware and software supported by Processing. You can explore the hardware & integration section (https://forum.processing.org/two/categories/hardware-other-languages) to see what people has accomplished before or what people talk about on that topic.

    You can also explore the current libraries available through the Processing IDE's library manager. These libraries have been provided by the community. If any library picks your attention, you can install it and explore their examples and their documentation, if available.

    In general, I will say that if you can interact with your device using a standard communication protocol supported by Java, then you can use it in Processing. For example, Processing has its own network library. You are not restricted to use this library but bring your favorite tools from the Java SDK.

    For a specific example related to your post, you can interact with arduinos via serial. You can also use Bluetooth or Wifi if you have the extra features in your Arduino board.

    Another example is processing interacting with mobile devices using the OSC library in a local WiFi. Sample code is already available in the forum.


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    @geekself108 -- Also check out the library page for additional supported protocols, e.g. MIDI devices, and for specialized hardware I/O libraries, e.g.

    • Thermal receipt printers
    • Lego MindStorms
    • Neurosky brainwave headsets
    • joysticks and game pads, etc.


  • Rather than searching that way, find out a lost of hardware that I you could use for your particular purpose and then check if there's a Java library for it.

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    @kfrajer @jeremydouglass @Lord_of_the_Galaxy sorry for late reply.

    and Thanks for your guidance.

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