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hai forum. anyone can help me or suggestme how to build android apps. stream the image from webcam attached via usb to android phone and display the image on the phone screen. thanks


  • @doni

    Can you display the image on a sketch on your PC?

    Have you configure Android mode in Processing?

    Can you run simple applications on your phone? IMPORTANT: is this your first time or have you done it before, for example, using AS?

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  • I already try this using builtin webcam of my laptop in android mode using ketaicam aswel the result is ok in my tablet galaxy tab a make use of rear camera. What i'm trying is use external webcam like logitech c270 and connect it via usb port of my tablet

  • So the concept is that you have a sketch that retrieve the image from your webcam. Then you pack the image and send it via serial to your android where you display it. SO you have done the beginning and thhe end. You are missing the middle (!)

    There was a post recently related to android serial but I cannot find it. Here is what I found that it could assist: [Anything arduino should work for you]


  • I mean i already build android apps scan the phone screen displaying image from rear camera in processing in android mode. Now i want to try using external camera via usb port of my samsung tablet. Usualy we use Capture.list() to chose if the android device provide 2 camera (front n rear ) so what the possible function or methode in processing to access usb camera

  • hi! @kfrajer i already import processing serial and create Serial myPort; // Create object from Serial class. but IDE doesn't recognize Serial as class in android mode. this is the main issue. what your suggest for me as substitute class for Serial in android mode

  • For an Android phone to access an USB camera, it will need to have the camera drivers which in a big picture (no pun intended), it is no possible. Android cannot support all the cameras in the market since it is a platform with limited resources. Maybe there is an app in the market that interacts with your camera? If there is, It is very likely it transfers data using wireless features. I have very limited experience working withe camera connected via serial. However I know you can transfer any data. I will need to see if I can find a demo program in my laptop.

    In the meanwhile, you can explore the android section to see if there is a serial example already posted in the forum. That would be a good starting point. There is also a library call AndroidCapture (not sure of the name, not in my laptop atm). Check the library manager in the processing IDE. I think you will need to uninstall ketai to have that library running. This option is only good if you want to explore other options. After you install the lib, check the examples that come with it.


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