What's the cause for a "Could not find a library in the downloaded file" error?

Downloading the VideoExport library from inside Processing is giving "Could not find a library in the downloaded file.".

Why is that happening? The only suggestion I find here https://github.com/processing/processing/issues/4072 is to ask the author. But I'm the author, and I don't know what to respond :)

The source code of the library: https://github.com/hamoid/video_export_processing


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    I assume you are talking about using the 'Contributions Manager'?

    AFAIK most contributed library authors (including me) have to host the library downloads on a stable URL which Processing then uses for the download. I would check that the zip file includes everything and that you check the details of the 'library.properties' file.

    As the author you maybe working on a version later than the one available through Processing, you might try deleting the video library from your sketch folder before launching Processing and downloading the library.

    If everything seems OK and the problem persists then you have two options

    1) if no one else is experiencing the problem then the problem is local to you

    2) if others report the same problem then I suggest you send a PM to 'prisonerjohn' as he looks after the contributed libraries.

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    I have the same problem written by Hamoid: downloading the VideoExport library from inside Processing is giving "Could not find a library in the downloaded file.".

  • @Stormy

    You can manually installed the library as hamoid provide a link to the resources. It is easy to do. Have you tried this?


  • I figured out why. I pulled the latest Processing IDE source code and added println after println until I found out the reason.

    My server runs now on https, and http is redirected to https. When the contribution manager tries to download http://www.funprogramming.org/VideoExport-for-Processing/download/VideoExport.zip it receives an html page redirecting to https://www.funprogramming.org/VideoExport-for-Processing/download/VideoExport.zip

    The contribution manager tries to unzip this html file, thinking it's the library zip file.

    I will ask if contribution manager is compatible with https, and if so, the url should point to the new url. I'll also check if I can solve this in the web server.

  • Seems to be fixed now. It was caused by the old library URL being registered in some database.

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