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Hi, I am tryng to learn code by myself but I really need some help, I was looking for project like Google Summer of Code (but unfortunately I am not a universitary student) or railsgirlssummerofcode (but the enollment ended this months) or others project especially for girls. Do you have any news even for the future?

Thank you a lots.



  • Good question!

    Great Tutorials: https://www.processing.org/tutorials/

    Great Book: http://natureofcode.com/book/

    There's a Processing spin-off based on a Pjs fork @ Khan's Academy: https://www.KhanAcademy.org/computing/computer-programming However the syntax there is JavaScript, not Java.

    Workshops in different Towns, e.g. in Berlin coming up - maybe in your town too?

    Get a teacher and some friends and start a workshop...

  • thank you Chris, but I have no idea where I can find a teacher/coach :( I know there are maybe few workshop but I can't attend it. These are the reasons of my post. Thank you anyway!

  • Check @shiffman's videos. It will take you few weeks to go through them (no need to rush them) but the important thing is to do the coding part along. Theory and practice go hand on hand: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvjgXvBlbQiydffZU7m1_aw

    I will also suggest exploring examples in processing. Select a topic that you want and go for it. Or if you feel adventurous, explore them randomly and you could find something that picks your interest. If you have any questions, just ask.


  • Yeah, there are examples on the website:


    and inside processing itself, in the menu File there are examples too.

    Also, there are books and a Handbook.



  • Thank you kfrajer. I'll try to follow your advices. And Shiffman's video are really nice! ps. It's true, I should always ask, I find it really helpful.

  • If you prefer books, Shiffman's books (and tutorials) are great too.

  • BTW, are you more interested in JavaScript (p5.js) or Java (Processing - Java mode)?

  • You can just set your self a task. I think practice is the best teacher.

    And you can always come here to ask.

    A task like demonstration of sin and cosine in a circle or the number PI or Prime numbers or Fibonacci or platonic bodies.

    Or do a 3D cube but all lines you have romdo with 3D points and not with lines

    Or do a game like scrabble or tic tac toe where either two humans can player each other or you can play even against the computer.

    Or a single game like peg solitaire where a human can play alone

  • I wouldn't start with trying to make such a complex game as scrabble, at least if you want the game to have smooth graphics. Start with the most common - snake. I don't generally recommend doing copies of games that already exist, but I presume you have no problem with doing so. Or try Tic Tac Toe, and try adding nice graphical effects.

    And I especially wouldn't recommend trying to create an AI for scrabble. But Tic Tac Toe is fairly reasonable, though I personally find it a bit pointless (come on, it barely has any possibilities, you can just calculate the results of every move and choose the best one. Unless you're into Nueral Networks, it is fun to try creating one for Tic Tac Toe).

    I'm getting a bit off topic here, right?

  • If you think scrabble like 2 humans playing each other without AI, it's fairly simple.

    Tic tac toe has a very complex AI if you don't just hard calculate the moves. Or just let 2 humans play each other. You could make a 3D Graphics (spheres and boxes on a 2D board).

    Agreed though : do snake.

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    Tic tac toe has a very complex AI

    Are you referring to using Neural Networks? Because other than that, I can't remember any other AI that is actually complex. And if you're referring to Neural Networks, I already said that.

    And how is Scrabble simple? If I remember, it is fairly complex (or maybe I've just forgotten the game).

    Yep, 3D was included in "nice graphical effects", but I'd like to hear your other suggestions.

  • As a final step, you may try implementing Monopoly. If so, you'd do me a personal favour, as I can directly skip to the AI part without bothering much about the rest. And I'd be more than happy to help you with it.

  • Or think of settlers of Catan - without AI

    Regarding tic tac toe: i see this as complex:


    Regarding scrabble: I meant without AI, and not to play it but to program it: 2 players are handed out 8 random letters and can place them on a grid alternating. What's the big deal. I did this recently.

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    @Chrisir A binary search tree can do the job. About 150 lines of code. Much less than your own 3D turtle.

    I thought Scrabble had some sort of time limits and some strange scoring system? And wouldn't it also require checking the word against a dictionary? Or is your version devoid of this? If you did manage both the complex scoring system and the dictionary, I would love to see your attempt. Maybe I could test my newfound AI creating skills?
    Can you create a new repository on GitHub for it? Thanks!

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    Search tree is for tic tac toe. I find these complex. But its probably more a question of your point of view and experience.

    Regarding scrabble: you're right, I skipped those parts. It counts and knows the value (and numbers) of each letter but doesn't use the the multiply by fields on the board for the score. It doesn't do dictionary.

    The numbers (how many e's etc. there are in total) are very important. Those are for German language atm, as is the counting of the values of the letter for the score.

    I try to post it - weekend

  • @Chrisir

    Those are for gernan atm, as is the counting.

    I'm afraid I don't understand what it means.

  • I think in every language the numbers of e's and x's is different. You have 8 e's but only 2 x's.

    The idea is that the numbers must match the counting in a average text.

    I guess also the value for the score is different in every language.

    Actually it is for the Gernan language but you can easily change this

  • @Chrisir Gernan? You mean German?

    Yeah, one could change that easily.

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    New idea - if you want to try something other than Snake, you could do Snakes and Ladders. It's a fun way to spend time.
    For more challenge, try implementing 3D pieces, or even 3D dice (or maybe not dice).

  • There is e version of tic tac toe in 3D

    I think it is a cube of 4x4x4 or so

  • Perhaps the there is. I wonder how one would play it though.

  • It's more like 4 in a row in 3D

  • But how do you choose where to place your whatever-the-O-and-X-are-called in 3D?

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    In a simple Version you have spheres with 2 different colors and a whole in it - you just place them on a stick for the column and it falls down

    So each column gets filled slowly just like 4 in row

    So with the mouse just click a stick


  • I see. Strange, but possible nonetheless.

  • @Lord_of_the_Galaxy:

    Scrabble is now online.


    all feedback welcome.

    Best, Chrisir ;-)

  • While I was looking at it, I uploaded an old 3D Tic Taco Toe with crosses and donuts

    • There is no AI, and no checks if somebody won.

    • But you can use peasCam

    Same link

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    @Chrisir Great job.
    I'll make an English version of it next week, and try adding a dictionary (and if possible, the complex scoring system).

    P.S. You should really add a LICENSE to your repository.
    To do so, click the "Create new file" button on the home page of your repository, and name the file as "LICENSE". GitHub will give you a list of common licenses, and you can choose one of them.

  • @Chrisir I do not understand your logic. You have nearly 600 lines of code, and fairly complex code too, yet you say Scrabble is simple? And still, while the AI for Tic Tac Toe is barely a third of that length and complexity, you say it is complex? Try reading about AI's, it isn't as difficult as people may make you believe it is.

  • Well, complex is not the same as lengthy....


    None of what is going on in scrabble is complex

    I wrote an AI for tic tac toe and it was hard even though it was only 10 lines or so, following the rules from Wikipedia, link above.

    Btw. I tested the AI by letting it play against another random AI like 9000 times. As soon there was a glitch it lost 10 games, otherwise none.

  • Just use the sketches

    I can do the license thing on the weekend

  • By the way there could be a glitch in scrabble regarding the score counter. When you just place one letter he doesn't count it or does so only in the next round.

    Oh, and he doesn't count the letters of your new word that already were on the board I guess. Just the new letters. And there are no multiply fields on the board

  • Only new letters? That is largely incomplete. I suppose you have an idea on how to add support for all new words formed?

  • 10 lines? You must have not used proper spacing. I remember that mine required about 30-40 lines, and I also know that whatever you do, you couldn't cross 200 lines because I have seen one that literally checks every single scenario seperately.

  • You wrote

    Only new letters? That is largely incomplete. I suppose you have an idea on how to add support for all new words formed?

    That's only concerning the score/ points

  • Of course. But since it has no dictionary, that's all matters.

  • Anyway. I thought that Scrabble counts points for all new words formed?

  • It is work in progress

  • @Lord_of_the_Galaxy :

    I made a new scrabble version with better score counting


  • Good job. I'll check it out today. I'll change it to English, for English speakers.

  • Thanks!

    The quantity and score of each letter is different. There is a tab for that.

    If you submit it I am happy to go to English version completely. Or we build a language selector / like options ;-)

  • Yes, we could try to do that.
    I'll start working on an English version as soon as possible.

  • @MirielLind

    I am honestly sorry that we destroyed your post here.

    If I were you can't you get some school/ university friends, maybe all women only and get a teacher (or not) and meet on a weekly basis? You could have a mailing list and a common space on github.

    When I was young I had that. It was fun and I learned a lot.


  • @Lord_of_the_galaxy

    Let's stick with English, that's ok with me

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    @MirielLind Sorry for what we did.

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    @Chrisir @Lord_of_the_Galaxy Hi guys honestly thank you for your apologies, I was getting a little confused about your topics, they are quite interesting but definitely too much complicated for me and away from my first question. I am trying to get out the best of them for me. And unfortunately I can't really get University right now, neither a school, I am trying to attend free meetups for code and girls when I can, but it's hard get a match. Right now I am keep going with https://freecodecamp.com ; https://codecademy.com and these type of websites. Anyway I want highlight that I really appreciate all your help and your patience with me. I can image that deal with a beginner's misanderstandings can be stressful or annoying. ps. @Lord_of_the_Galaxy to answer your question "(JavaScript (p5.js) or Java (Processing - Java mode)" I am focus to learn about programming in general (the mindset), the algorithm , and the basic of the most important programming languages, right now I am also focus on Python and I have a lot of free material. As @Chrisir said I just need some networking and maybe a teacher, other people where I can share my code and my doubs. So you are very helpful and source of inspiration/insight/eureka moment

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