How do I resize the ouput of kinect.getColorImage()? Windows PC/process 3

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I am trying to use the processing Kinect library with another AR tool kit; the AR toolkits only takes in 640 x 480 input sizes, so the kinect's colorImage output's 1920 X 1080 was not compatible to be used due to an ArrayOutOfBoundsException. I am trying to resize the output of kinect.getColorImage() but keeps on getting ArrayOutOfBoundsException; any help on what I'm doing wrong, or suggested solutions would be greatly appreciated!

        void draw()
          img = kinect.getColorImage();

          //do stuff with the kinect's output with the following AR library


  • I bet the error highlights the line with the resize function call? Check that image is not null before manipulating it.


  • Nope, the error highlights line 3; img=kinect.getColorImage(); The img displays fine with no issue.

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