Trying to create multiple arms, with differente segments size, using controlP5 Library.

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Trying to create multiple arms, with different segments size, using controlP5 Library to create a easy 'robot arm drive simulator', but the code only work if all arm are equal in segment size. If not we get a a arm segments Overlap!!

Could you give me a topic just to fixe my code?

Tks in advance. Jose Peres.

// JPeres: 20-MAR-2017 import controlP5.*; ControlP5 cp5;

float x, y; float angle1, angle2, angle3 = 0.0;

float segLength = 100; float segLength1 = 100; // Must be equal to var segLength!!! - How to fix ?? float segLength2 = 100; // Must be equal to var segLength!!! - How to fix ??

int V01 = 0; int V02 = 0; int V03 = 0;

void setup() { size(1080, 640); strokeWeight(25); stroke(255, 160);

x = width * 0.40; y = height * 0.7;

cp5 = new ControlP5(this);

cp5.addSlider("V01") .setPosition(900, 80) .setSliderMode(Slider.FLEXIBLE) .setValue(0) .setSize(20, 300) .setRange(-90, 90);

cp5.addSlider("V02") .setPosition(940, 80) .setSliderMode(Slider.FLEXIBLE) .setValue(0) .setSize(20, 300) .setRange(-90, 90);

cp5.addSlider("V03") .setPosition(980, 80) .setSliderMode(Slider.FLEXIBLE) .setValue(0) .setSize(20, 300) .setRange(-90, 90);

cp5.addSlider("H00") .setPosition(280, height-40) .setSliderMode(Slider.FLEXIBLE) .setValue(0) .setSize(300, 30) .setRange(-90, 90);

cp5.addButton("ARM_RESET") .setPosition(900, height-100) .setSize(140, 40) .setValue(0) .activateBy(ControlP5.RELEASE);

cp5.addButton("ARM_HOME") .setPosition(900, height-50) .setSize(140, 40) .setValue(0) .activateBy(ControlP5.RELEASE); } void draw() { background(80); angle1 = ((-V01+90)/float(180)) * -PI; angle2 = (-90+V02/float(180)) * PI;

pushMatrix(); segment(x, y, angle1); segment(segLength1, 0, angle2); segment(segLength2, 0, angle3);

popMatrix(); line(x, y, x, y+80); rect(0, y+80, width, y+80); } void segment(float x, float y, float a) { translate(x, y); rotate(a); line(0, 0, segLength, 0); } public void ARM_RESET(int value) { cp5.getController("V01").setValue(0); cp5.getController("V02").setValue(0); cp5.getController("V03").setValue(0); cp5.getController("H00").setValue(0); } public void ARM_HOME(int value) { cp5.getController("V01").setValue(90); cp5.getController("V02").setValue(-90); cp5.getController("V03").setValue(-90); cp5.getController("H00").setValue(0); } // That's the end!


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    ok. Thank's for your notice. I just fixe my program code. It´s running now with different arm segments. Thanks you for your time. Regards. Jose Peres

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