Idea: Custom shader support for p5.js

edited March 2017 in Summer of Code 2017

Hi, community!

I've been playing around with WebGL and GLSL a lot lately and have this idea of extending p5 3D capabilities to support custom shaders. Possibly complimentary to that – editor, roughly based on ideas from, maybe integrated into p5.

Considering that one of p5 basic principles is sharing and spreading knowledge, I think shaders are really important part of that process. Shaders are viewed as an over-complicated and cryptic topic, something only top-notch 3D programmers would interact with. Whereas in fact, that is not really true – shaders are easy to start with and open a great world of creative possibilities. This kind of status quo should be challenged. I'm really inspired by work of Patricio Gonzalez Vivo on The Book of Shaders and I think this kind of approach could and should be extended to p5 community!

So, can custom shader materials support paired with tutorials (if someone would help me proofread and edit them), possibly editor and of course documentation be considered a solid proposal for GSOC 2017? Is it too much to tackle? Or is this not the priority for p5 3D support? What do you think?

Would love to hear feedback


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