help with codes (arduino, webcam, open cv, tracking light movement)

Can anyone help me figure out the processing code for a project that i am doing? Will explain what i need the code for once you get in touch. It involves using arduino, webcam, open cv, tracking light movement. Your help will be much appreciated as i am only a beginner with processing. Interested please inbox me. TIA.


  • @Royan_S, what kind of help are you looking for? Most people here agree that this is an open source community. People will help and in return, any input will serve a wider audience, all forum visitors. If you have a specific question, ask below and it is recommended to provide a sample code demonstrating your approach or your problem. You are also very welcome to explore previous post related to your topic.

    You can also request to one of the moderators to move this to events and oportunities section.


  • i am only a beginner with processing

    It involves using arduino, webcam, open cv, tracking light movement

    all advanced subjects!

  • Dear @koogs,

    I am a beginner, yet i am required to know all of the above mentioned advanced subjects for my project. This is also the reason why I am looking for help here in this forum. Anyway, thank you for your comment.

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    Dear @kfrajer,

    Thank you for your suggestion to move this into events and opportunities section. I did change it to that. As far as the sample codes go, i am yet to develop them. I did try to develop using the existing libraries of the same, but ended up achieving nothing because I couldn't understand how i could bring all of these various elements together. So I seek help from those who have better understanding of all these.

  • You can check the following website:
    It shows videos of different topics. There is no arduino there, but there is a light movement tracking (example 150) and using a webcam (example 121).

    Shiffman's video is also a good way to start:

    Also it is good to have handy the reference to understand the different functions available from Processing:

    They also have some good examples to explore:

    If you are struggling with any topic, post your code below with a description of your problem and different forum goers will provide feedback. Hopefully somebody reach you out now that it is in the opportunity section. You have more chances if you provide more details btw.


  • Dear kfrajer, Thank you very much for all the useful links you have sent me and for your suggestions.

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