PS3Eye cam and Spout

I'm trying to get an image from a PS3Eye camera and send it to TouchDesigner via Spout and since I know Processing it seemed like a good option, but...

I can get the Diewald PS3Eye library to load and display the camera image. I can get get Spout to send things to TouchDesigner. BUT if I try the two simultaneously it stops working. The problem is that Spout requires I use P3D to render and as soon as I set that flag the PS3Eye library stops being able to see my PS3 camera. I have no idea why.

Does anyone know a way to fix that?

If not is there a quick way to transfer image data between two Processing sketches that isn't saving and then loading an image file? I've tried this, it's way too slow], but if there's another easy way to pipe that data between two sketches I could use one to read the image and one to send it.


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