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I'm interested about your organization because what you are doing is awsome! I saw about your project Proccessing.py and i was wondering if i can propose my own idea (on the GSOC) for a knew Proccessing.py project.

I thought to use Pygame which contain very useful functionalities like frame creation, sound, image rendering etc and combine all this together to create a scripting language (more like a game 2D game engine), that will allow the end user really easily create his own worlds and functionalities only by scripting in python without having any knowledge of how the low level functionalities works (like collision detection, scene managment, game object etc.) Actually my main idea was to create something like unity3D but entirly in python and pygame!

I already went far enough in the design of this project and already created the core of the engine. There is no GUI interface yet but its really easy to create animations and 2D games even without it.

I posted this because i want to know if i can do such a propose to your organization. I'm new to GSOC and i don't know how this works and what i need to write about. I want to be sure before 20 of March so i won't do something stupid :p

Thank you, Nikolaos Bampaliaris



  • I'm not sure I understand exactly what you are proposing -- develop a new framework for making games with Python? Combine Pygame with Processing.py? With respect to Python Mode in Processing, more info can be found here:


  • Yes a new framework. I already read this info. But i guess you only need help with the processing project. I was just wondering if i can propose something that is not in your ideas list. Of course the purpose of this framework will be to make game programming really easy for new programmers and thats what your organization is doing if i'm correct.

  • You absolutely can propose something not on our list. A game library for Processing and/or Processing.py that makes it easier for people to make games would be a welcome idea. A reference to take a look at is p5.play (a JavaScript library for making games) http://p5play.molleindustria.org/

  • What about creating the Processing language entirely in python? I already opened a proposal about that and i have my draft shared. Would that be interesting?

  • Yes, see this from Project List.

    We'd love for someone to take on a native (C Python) version of Processing. While it wouldn't have the advantage of library support that we get from the current Jython-based implementation, it'd open up other ways to extend Processing with Python's syntax, features (numpy, scipy), and considerable base of support.

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