Editing Manifest File

Hi, I am working on uploading my app the the Play store. I want to restrict screen sizes that my app will display to by adding code to the manifest file. I have tried editing the AndroidManifest.xml file in the sketch folder. However, it appears that the file is automatically generated, because after I create the signed .apk file my changes to the manifest file are no longer visible. How can I edit the manifest file so that my .apk will take the changes? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • To get round this I export my projects and open them in AIDE, edit the manifest and create the apk there.

  • Thank you kfrajer. I knew de-compiling the .apk might be one option. Hudson, it sounds like you have found an easier method using an IDE designed for Android. Now I am wondering if I can just open it in Android Studio, perhaps that would be easiest?

  • @sensorium===

    i have given a look to the source code (Android 4) and it seems that when exporting signed apk p5 creates a new manifest from some kind of template with basic features, ignoring every change done before. Workaround are twos (as for me); either use apktools, make your changes and jarsigner again (as said in the link) or import the android code in AS or Eclipse, make your changes and export as signed package...

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