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Hi, I am Rijul Dhir student Computer Science and Engg. of Indian Institute of Technology Patna. I am participating in GSoC 17 and would like to work with you. I have experience in working with JAVA, C, Android. I would like some guidance on how to proceed.

Thanks and Regards

Rijul Dhir


  • Hi Rijul,

    Welcome, and thanks for your interest! I would recommend you to start by taking a look at the list of project ideas, and to the general guidelines to contribute to the project.

    Specifically on GSoC, you will find more details on the program's resource site, including student manual and timeline. Please keep in mind that the submission period is March 20th - April 3rd. Students can submit their proposals early, this gives members of the organization, in this case the Processing Foundation, to give feedback to the applicants so they can refine their proposals before the April 3rd deadline.

    If you have some ideas on what you would like to do for GSoC, we can discuss them here before you start working on the proposal itself.


  • Hi Andres, Thanks for the reply I am basically interested in Processing-Android and I have gone through the ideas too. Can you tell me mentor for Android so that I can discuss the ideas with him?

  • Hi Rijul, the mentors are assigned to the students only after the proposals are reviewed and accepted.

    I can tell you that, with regards to Processing for Android, high priority projects (from the perspective of improving the core library of the mode) are the following:

    • The ant scripts and android tool have been removed from the latest version of the SDK tools, thus breaking the mode. We need to transition to gradle as the internal build system. The mode can already be built using gradle, and it exports sketches as gradle projects, so many elements already in place to start the transition.

    • Improving stroke rendering in P2D, right now is ridiculously slow. The reason for this is the stroke geometry is computed using a highly unoptimized code in the GL renderer that first produces a line path that is then tessellated using GLU's tessellator. This needs to be done more efficiently, and any improvements will also benefit P2D in the Java mode as the code is shared between the two modes.

    The first one (using gradle as the internal build system) is technically demanding, but should not be too hard since the mode already uses gradle in the exported projects, and also for building the model itself. The second (improving P2D stroke rendering) would represent a big performance improvement, but it's definitely challenging.

    Another core-related project idea, but of lower priority, is to improve emulator functionality in general:

    • The emulator support is clunky, i.e.: when running for the first time, the mode does not wait for the emulator to start up, the Processing AVDs could be configured better, the latest version of the wear emulator does not work on OSX, and AVDs cannot be created on Linux.

    Probably less important because I have the impression that people do not use the emulator that much, but I might be wrong.


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    Hi Andres,

    By mentor I meant anybody with whom I could discuss more about the ideas and start preparing the proposal. I am really keen to contribute to Processing-Android Thanks


  • Hi Rijul,

    I'm happy to discuss about your ideas here in the forum.


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    Hi Andres,

    The ant scripts and android tool have been removed from the latest version of the SDK tools, thus breaking the mode. We need to transition to gradle as the internal build system. The mode can already be built using gradle, and it exports sketches as gradle projects, so many elements already in place to start the transition.

    I want to work on this Project in GSoC,17. So Can you help me a bit in writing the proposal?


  • Hi Rijul, you are right, version 25.3.1 of the SDK tools removed the ant build scripts, as well as the android tool. Some discussion in this issue on the ASOP tracker, as it is affecting some large projects (Unity3D, Cordova)

    The GSoC resources page include a detailed guideline on how to write the proposal and what sections are expected in it.


  • @codeanticode

    Is it recommended to use an older SDK version to run sketches in android mode for now? I installed AS 2.3 and Android SDK tools 26.0.0 and there is no ant.


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    @codeanticode Do I need to submit the proposal here?.I have to submitted it on GSoC website and would like to have your comments on it So that i can improve it furthur

  • @Rijul Thanks, I will take a look at your proposal on the GSoC site.

    @kfrajer That's a known issue, for the time being you need to use SDK tool 25.2.5, any newer version breaks the mode since they removed the android tool and the ant scripts. You can let the mode download its own copy of the SDK, and it will use the legacy version of the tools.

  • @codeanticode Thanks. I understand Eclipse is not supporting ADT anymore atm. So any further development beside Processing is through AS? Also, installing an older version of SDK tools desn't seem to be trivial... I will need to do more reading upon it.

    GSoC came right on time to implement this changes! I will say it is a great challenge. @Rijul If you have a blog keeping track of the evolution of your project, please share it here. I will follow it.


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    @codeanticode Thanks for reviewing my Proposal. Have made the essential changes you suggested. Do you want me changes anything about timeline or approach i would follow.

  • @kfrajer no, Processing for Android should offer a viable alternative to Android development with AS, more focused on visual sketching, simpler environment, etc.

    I don't think AS allows you to download an older version of the SDK, but there are legacy repositories that can be used for the time being to manually download the older versions until the mode is updated to use the latest SDK. The mode currently uses those repos anyways, that's why I suggested to let the mode to download the SDK automatically, instead of selecting the SDK downloaded by AS, which will not work with the mode at this time.

  • @codeantico Not sure if you saw this post, fyi.

    Any SDK tools and ant script problems continue here:


  • @codeanticode Can you please review my proposal and suggest any changes before I submit the final Proposal. Thanks Rijul

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    Thanks for the detailed review @codeanticode. I have submitted the final proposal with final changes on GSoC site


  • @codeanticode Does Processing-Android has some kind of chat where I can clarify my doubts while going through the codebase.As I need to find all the usages of ant scripts and discuss if any of them should remain post migration.

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