P5JS cueing video media elements

I cannot remove cues on video media elements and they stay around and mess up the ongoing behaviour of the code

Here's some code

/* * @name Video * @frame 710,250 * @description


p>Load a video with multiple formats and toggle between playing * and paused with a button press. *

To run this example locally, you will need at least * one video file, and the * p5.dom library.

*/ var playing = false; var fingers; var button; var a_cue;

function setup() { // specify multiple formats for different browsers fingers = createVideo(['assets/fingers.mov', 'assets/fingers.webm']); button = createButton('play'); button.mousePressed(toggleVid); // attach button listener a_cue = fingers.addCue( 2, cued, fingers); }

function cued( a) { console.info(' cued a.time:'+a.time()); a.removeCue( a_cue); a.clearCues(); } // plays or pauses the video depending on current state function toggleVid() { if (playing) { fingers.pause(); button.html('play'); } else { fingers.loop(); button.html('pause'); } playing = !playing; }

I would expect the call to the cued() callback to remove the cue and to prevent further calls into the c/b

Ultimately what I'm trying to do is to coordinate the parallel playback of two video streams and to use cuing to control the crossovers between


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