APDE application after export apk for Android is not installed

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APDE application after export apk for Android is not installed. In APDE working. Prompt please the reason.


  • Note that APDE is not developed by the Processing Foundation, so I have moved it from "Developing Processing" to "Android Mode". I am the developer of APDE. I am not sure if this forum is the best place to discuss issues with APDE, but I will proceed here unless other moderators object.

    I might not understand your problem, but I will try.

    When you export the sketch - with "Export Signed Package" - it is not installed? This is the correct behavior as export only produces a shareable APK file. You can then install that APK file, which is located at the path in the console at the end of the export process, but this isn't any different from installing from the "run" button. The purpose of export is to produce a version of your sketch that can be shared with other devices and uploaded to Google Play.

  • You can email the proper apk file to yourself or to your friends. I believe you need to have enable exporting apps from unknown sources in settings.

    But first, you need to find where the generated files are located in your PC. Do you know this?


  • The program is super - it works! I did not correctly run the exported application. For verification, you must first delete the application file created during the test from APDE. And only after launch the received application !!! Thanks for answers.

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