How do get more calculating speed?

Hello, I have a theoretical question. I'm working on something like 3d sculpting application, so, there is a lot of 3d triangles. When my sketch contains more than about 1500 triangles, it begin to move slowly, I guess the reason is that it is hard to calculate a big number of triangles. But I want to work with hundreds of thousands of triangles. Is there a possibilities to get more calculating speed in Processing? Or this kind of applications require a low-level development for example on C++ and OpenGl ?



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    Are you calculating the triangles in every frame (beginShape(); ... endShape();) or are you saving them as a PShape object?

        PShape shape;

    Using a PShape object to store the 3d model and only recalculating it on changes should theoretically improve performance.

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    You can also try to visualize only the visible part of the 3D model.

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