How can i use google-play score service?

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How can i use google-play score service?



  • I dunno myself... I think you need the google API installed via Android Tools and then signing up for a key.


  • @hamza === google play score??? - what is it???

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    i mean getting all people scores who plays the game and make them in a list according to their scores @akenaton

  • Provide a link to any resources and references. It will avoid confusion and efficient assistance. The more details you provide the better. It is encourage to share a small runnable example and any previous attempts.


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    How can i create score Windows like this ?

    @akenaton @kfrajer

  • @hamza=== ok, now i understand what you want: it's a leaderboard! - For that you have to use the leaderboard API from google play service; you have also to create an account on android developer console (you have to pay for that, i cannot tell you how much it is for now) then you add your leaderboard to your game (which needs to be published)

    more details here:

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    İs there any example about it? @akenaton

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