3d array of int[][][] initialised through already done 2d arrays.

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I create a class GRID which has two 3d arrays, made of many layers of 2d arrays. I need to declare and initialise the object in the constructor to then access it from other build-in functions. So I create the layers I need (int[][]), and lately declare the double[][][] my_3d_array = {layer1, layer2, layer3, ....}. All of this happens in the constructor.

However, if I do not declare the 3d array within the constructor, processing protests and says that the form {var1, var2,...} can be done if those vars are constant.

Whatever way I walk through, a later on defined built-in function of the class do not recognise this array3d, and it sees it as null.

Any ideas how to tackle this?

Thank you



  • You need to put this another way :

    double[][][] my_3d_array = {layer1, layer2, layer3, ....}


    a for loop for the layers (z)

    Then a nested for-loop for the single layer (x,y)

    then assign the value like 3darray[x][y][z]=layer[x][y];

    But which layer ?

  • His Chrisir

    Thank you for your reply.

    This has just been my early-morning-eureka and it will work for my case since I have just 8 layers. Otherwise, how would you automatically run the for loop calling a different variable (layer) for each cycle of it?


  • Try my_3d_array = new double[][][]{layer1, layer2 ...};, initialising it beforehand.

  • Thank you both guys. Tried your method Lord_of_the_Galaxy, it works.

    I'm still quite new to processing, that is the main issue.

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