Anyone have any advice on using projectors with Kinect?

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Hi guys

I recently discovered the OpenKinect for Processing library and it has been a real godsend! I want to use the Kinect in conjunction with a projector to create an interactive wall for a university assignment, but I'm finding it hard to locate working examples, as I know very little about it.

From what I've gleaned, every library I've found is heavily dependent on SimpleOpenNI, but since it was killed, it's been impossible to find something that actually works. Does anyone have any advice on how to use OpenKinect for Processing for projection mapping?


(N.B. I'm using a Kinect v1, and Processing (3.x) )


  • Hi Andreas_Ref. Thanks for getting back. I had originally been looking at Kinect Projector Toolkit and had been speaking with Gene about it. It really relies on SimpleOpenNI unfortunately so the whole toolkit would need to be rewritten with a different library

  • ..Or go a completely different path: use touchdesigner instead of processing

  • Try taking a look at madmapper with Processing?

  • I used the Kinect Projector Toolkit on an iMac Retina OSX 10.10 with Processing 2 and Kinect V1 for Xbox 360 and it works just fine. What problem exactly are you facing?

  • Thanks for getting back to me everyone. Apologies, I probably should have replied a bit sooner, I realise it must look a bit rude on my part so apologies for that. Been a little bonkers lately! I've tried taking a look at touchdesigner and madmapper but since time is a factor, it's problematic trying to learn a whole new program. dHash, the main problem I'm having is that the Kinect Projector Toolkit is really dependent on SimpleOpenNI, which is no longer available, so even getting the calibration file to run is impossible with what I have

  • I was able to find SimpleOpenNI without problem...just trying to locate it again. I can also send it to you somehow if you'd like. It's been working quite nicely for me without problems...also got the calibration file to run which requires a small update to the code that I can show you as well.

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    dHash, yes that would be awesome! Thank you so much! What do you think would be the best way to send it?

  • Hi dhash, any chance I could get the edited calibration file as well? Thanks!

  • hey dHash - I am running into similar problems to EC93. Could I please ask if it would be possible for you to send me the file too please? It would really help me get my head around everything! Thanks :)

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