Sketch is not displaying.

edited February 2017 in Python Mode

I apologize if this question has been asked but I did look through many of the questions and couldn't really see an answer for my problem.

I teach high school and this year we upgraded to the newest version of Processing. We use Macs. The issue that has come up is that sometimes after downloading Processing successfully and installing the Python add on successfully we hit run on a program that literally is just trying to draw an ellipse and the sketch window does not open. I know that many said that it is hidden behind all other windows, but we've looked behind and it's not there. Someone also mentioned that maybe the firewall is preventing it from opening, but why would it be only one or two students that this is happening to?

Anyway...any ideas?


  • Maybe change for an older Processing version? :-??

  • After further investigating, it appears that Java code will run and the sketch window will open, however, even after uninstalling the Python mode and reinstalling it, we still cannot get Python to run. We have also uninstalled Processing and Reinstalled.

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