Proscene v3.0.0 Released

I'm very please to announce the immediate availability of Proscene v3.0.0. Please note that this version requires Processing >= 3.2.4 for the FX2D renderer to properly work. Download it directly through the new Processing contribution manager. You may also download it here and install it manually.


  1. A completely new library design has been implemented almost from scratch (respect to Proscene2). Please refer to our softwareX paper for details.
  2. This release is the first one to support all Processing renderers: JAVA2D, FX3D, P2D and P3D.
  3. All deprecated functionality has been removed.
  4. Jacques Maire fantastic visual experiments have been repackaged along side the new Geom section of the examples.
  5. This release also includes Sebastian Chaparro great ALife Fishbowl demo.
  6. This release is also the first one to support Processing android. Please refer to the Droid examples section.

How to contribute

There several ways to contribute to Proscene:

  1. Report issues here.
  2. If you like the project feel free to star our github repository and reference it.
  3. Android development is at an early stage and it should be improved once key and touch events are finalized upstream. If someone gets interested in it please let us know it.


We want to thank Victor Manuel Forero for coding the initial Proscene Android agents. Thanks to Jacques Maire and Sebastian Chaparro for sharing various of their experiments. Thanks to Andres Colubri for his continuous support and thorough insights.

Have fun!


  • @nakednous

    Thank you for your library and your amazing efforts. It looks great and look forward to use it in the future. Really great examples. Bravo!

    @Lord_of_the_Galaxy You were asking about picking an object in 3D space. Check the example proscene>>examples>>Basics>>ScreenDrawing.pde. I am not sure if picking up is based on the design of the scene (direct mapping based on known locations) or a feature of the library. I will know more as I get to explore the library. It will be great if you could link this to your question if you find it relevant.


  • @kfrajer Thanks for the info!
    @nakednous Thanks for the library!

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