Proscene Help

I have to say this is a very high quality library - commercial quality. I'm getting stuck due to my own ignorance in getting it to work the way I want. I am trying to create mouse and key bindings to allow user to look around my 3D scene. I can't figure out how to set up bindings so camera will rotate in place in all dimensions - something like peasycam. Zooming and moving forward and back works but not rotate. I've tried code from most of the samples but I get the same results in all cases.

Any suggestions are appreciated.



  • Can you provide a a running example showing what you tried so far?


  • My app is a bit complex but the camera code I've tried has just been cut and pasted from the examples.

  • I figured out that my problem was related to setting up the bounding box correctly. The default bindings are all I needed other than axis constraints.

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