Can I setup same IDE used on PC instead of the APDE, I wish to code in direct Java not Android

Sorry I am new to this and have been trying for several days.



  • Please specify:

    • For what platform do you want to code: Android, browser or desktop application?
    • what IDE are you currently using: Android Studio, Processing IDE in Android mode or something else?
    • What IDE do you want to use instead?
    • On which operating system are you coding?
  • Apde is the tablet based ide, for writing code directly on an android device. Sounds like the poster wants to install the 'proper' pde on the device instead. But that's not available, I don't think.

    But the question is vague and needs confirming by the original poster.

  • You are right, that is what I want to do. The original IDE has the choice of Android Java Python, where the PDE does not it appears, correct me if I am wrong. And yes you are my third post to a forum so please forgive. Windows PC Android Samsung Galaxy Pad running Android 6.0.1

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