Android Mode, [INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID] error

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I tried to program a Lenovo A806 smartphone in Android Mode, Processing 3.2.3. When IDE tried to install the sketch on the phone, I received the above error. I tried a lot of ways. Please, help me.

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  • @mirceati=== what error???

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    The name is in title. But I solved the problem. May be helps someone. 1. My phone Lenovo A806 is a China phone with some changes for international. As I found on the Internet, when I upgradated it, I received a China phone, all in Chinese and difficult to change at least in English. I do, but one half of the text was in Chinese, one half in English. 2. Unfortunelly, the hightest upgrade provided by Lenovo holds the phone at 4.4.2. 3. As the Lenovo message said, this is the hightest update. So, all the sites that claims to provide Android 5, 6 or 7 are fake! 4. I use to develop Android applications Processing and android sdk. They build something that the phone does not recognize, even I use SDK manager to use an older API. So, the phone fails to install the application. 5. My solution was to downgrade to Processing 2.2.1 and an old sdk manager, that allow API10. So, I can program the device.

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